R2G Home Inspections is partnered with a reliable and established HVAC company called King Heating & Air for homeowners needing an HVAC inspection service. Your HVAC system is crucial for keeping your home comfortable all year round, and regular inspections are necessary to ensure its optimal performance.

Finding a technician to inspect your HVAC system can be daunting, but R2G Home Inspections makes it easy. You can schedule an appointment for an inspection that works best for you by contacting us or scheduling it online. We are partnered with experienced and qualified technicians who will arrive promptly and thoroughly look over your HVAC system.

King Heating & Air will provide a detailed report including its current performance using state-of-the-art equipment. They will also offer recommendations for repairs or improvements if needed.

Their services include HVAC tune-ups, recommended twice yearly as seasons change. During the summer, they will inspect and clean your condensers and evaporator coils and check refrigerant lines and levels. In contrast, in the fall and winter, they will clean your burners, check carbon monoxide levels, and inspect the heat exchanger and chamber.

“Outstanding Work”

Sean was very thorough during the home inspection process and was able to communicate his findings understandably. The final home inspection report that he sent me was a well-produced product with photographs and detailed explanations. I am delighted with his home inspection service. Truly professional!

Dougie J.

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